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Athens Church
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Calvary Bible Church
Athens, GA
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Kara Waters

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Kara's Amazing Story

Her unique path into music

On April 1, 1975, Karalyn Jonette was born to Dr. John and Katheryn Davis in Athens, Georgia. Kara was raised in a loving, Christ-centered home, along with her younger brother, Kirt.  As a child, Kara began singing at her family's church and throughout her teens, she performed at various school, church and community events.

Upon entering the University of Georgia as a Social Work major in 1993, Kara joined the renowned Afro-American Choral Ensemble (A-ACE),under the direction of Dr. Gregory S. Broughton. It was in this group that she met her future husband, Harold Waters, Jr. 

While at UGA, Kara also performed with two university jazz bands. In her spare time, she enjoyed working with UGA professor Steve Dancz, and his jazz ensemble - the Steve Dancz All-Stars.

After several years of dating, Harold and Kara were married in 1998. In celebration of the event, Kara displayed her songwriting gift, penning three songs for the wedding ceremony. One year later, they were blessed with their first child, Lauryn Elise. Their young family was blessed again, three years later, with the birth of Harold "Trey" Waters, III. As a couple, the Waters strive to put God first and they are committed to teaching the love of God to their two children.

Kara is also a writer and has written two books, "In His Image," a book on spiritual empowerment and "In Spirit & Truth," a book that deals with the technique, methods and the motives for people who sing Christian music.

In 2003, Kara released her debut CD, "Through The Father’s Eyes," which she entirely wrote and arranged. In 2009, Kara released her second project, titled "Bottled Water, Vol. I: I Need You." Kara's third album, "As You Are," was released in November 2014. "As You Are" is a unique collection of catchy pop/jazz songs with a subtle, positive message.

In addition to musical pursuits, Kara is a master hair stylist and owner of BeLoved Salon & Spa, located in Athens, GA.

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